The Treading Lightly Youth ReGeneration team planned and delivered some inspiring sustainability programs. Planning was undertaken at The Hub in Milton. Check out some of the events they organised.

During Plastic Free July the Youth ReGen team organised a Clothes Swap to support slow fashion and reduce unwanted clothes going to landfill.

When clothes were delivered to Treading Lightly, tokens were provided to the donor.Token were then used to  ‘purchase’ clothes at the Swap. Supported by Shoalhaven Council, the Clothes Swap was held at Milton, NSW.

It was an outstanding success.

FAST FASHION vs Slow Fashion was an event organised by the Treading Lightly Youth ReGeneration team.

5 panelists shared how they are leading a trend in slow fashion. Held at Treehouse, Ulladulla it was an informative session encouraging people to think before they buy and upcycle clothing rather than discarding it.

During the event the ideas and concepts shared was captured in the graphic below.