TL Tidies 2022-2024

In a world often filled with news of climate change and pollution, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But amidst it all, a monthly gathering in our community restores faith in our ability to make a difference. 

On the first Sunday of every month, a diverse group of people convene to tackle the task of cleaning up our environment. In one short hour, an average of 30kg of waste is removed each month, preventing it from reaching our oceans. 

But it’s not just about the cleanup; it’s about the sense of community that emerges as young and old, locals and newcomers, come together as stewards of Yuin country. 

Since starting Treading Lightly Tidies in 2022, we have removed 1,346kg of waste in total. What began with the simple idea of Take 3 for the Sea has now become a monthly commitment, with 67 volunteer hours contributed this year alone. 

As we continue our efforts, remember that change starts with small, consistent actions. Together, we’re making a real impact on our environment, one cleanup at a time. 

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