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Bushfire appeal

When the Currowan bushfire ravaged our South Coast communities, we felt we needed to jump in to help, and we did. These are some of the things we have been doing to support our local community:

  • supplying food to frontline crews (NP, Ambulance, Police, Security/Road block crews, Fire & Rescue and on some occasions to RFS when allowed)
  • Aided frontline crews with medical and wellbeing supplies
  • Delivered essential food packages to displaced families post evacuations
  • Delivered food essentials and medical supplies to cut-off villages
  • Aided in emergency evacuations via boats from these villages
  • Assisted local businesses by using donations to give bushfire victims the opportunity to buy essential basic needs such as clothing, shoes, work wear, etc
  • Been able to offer ’small acts of kindness’ (sprinkles of love) to individuals impacted by the fires
  • Aided local wildlife rescue groups including the local Flying Fox and Bat feeding clinics with food, medical and care supplies as well as logistical support
  • Constructed 380 wildlife water stations for distribution to wildlife rescue groups and private land owners. Stations being distributed with TL wildlife strategy and installation guidelines
  • Donated essential equipment to RFS Milton (iPads, phone boosters, UHFs) – and currently awaiting replies from other local RFS stations and Marine Rescue as to their wishes for upgrading their emergency response/fire fighting equipment
  • Collaborated with Turia Pitt and Grace McBride, and Haley Mees to launch platforms to aid local businesses doing it tough. Check out #spendwiththem, @southcoastbusinessconnections :-)
  • Exploring opportunities to support BlazeAid Milton camp which is providing assistance with replacement and repairs to rural fencing
  • Starting to develop strategies with NPWS and local land care services to commence regeneration strategies for local bushland and wildlife. This will include volunteer opportunities and educational activities.
  • In discussion with local fire affected communities (Conjola, Bendalong/Manyana, Little Forest, Lake Tabourie, Termeil, Bawley Point) to develop therapy programs/activities and give other assistance in wellbeing and recovery.
  • Seeking to work with Indigenous Elders to provide education and training in relation to traditional cool burning practices and wildlife recovery/regeneration.