What is Habitat for Wildlife?

It is a local community project, hosted by Treading Lightly Inc, which encourages everyone to provide areas in their gardens or neighbourhoods for wildlife to survive and thrive.

Supporting and restoring native habitat in our neighbourhoods also promotes the beauty and health of our environment.

Everyone is welcome to join Habitat for Wildlife, whether you live in your own house, rent, live in a caravan park or retirement village.

By joining Habitat for Wildlife and providing wildlife habitat on the lands we care for, we can all support our wildlife and the natural world around us.

Why join?

Join us and help to support and restore our suburban landscapes. Our landscapes can be a habitat for humans and also for the wildlife that live all around us in this beautiful part of the world.

It’s easy- pledge and agree to 3 of the 5 things 
1. Observe and document your patch – what do you currently have in terms of plants, wildlife, features (rocks, water, shade etc)

2. Plant a native seedling 

3. Download and utilise ‘iNaturalist’ – be a citizen scientist

4. Share your stories – with neighbours, friends, family and Treading Lightly 
5. Document your progress (words, photos, videos etc) 

The artwork in the Habitat for Wildlife sign is a combination of

Membership benefits

  • Information about wildlife friendly gardens
  • Membership pack with information about how to improve your garden for native wildlife and birds. We prefer to provide the information as an electronic folder, but hard copy (paper) information packs are available on request
  • A beautiful full colour metal membership sign to put on your gate or fence to let your friends and neighbours know that you are a Habitat for Wildlife member. They might like to join us too
  • Access to seasonal newsletters, workshops and social events to promote wildlife-friendly gardens and natural areas in our neighbourhoods.

How to join

To join Habitat for Wildlife you need to

  1. Have current membership with Treading Lightly
  2. Sign up to become a member of Habitat for Wildlife