Commitment to Habitat for Wildlife

As a member of Habitat for Wildlife I/we commit to:

  • Encouraging native wildlife into our backyard by providing suitable shelter, native plants, natural foods and water.
  • Ensuring that our native wildlife is safe from pets and invasive plants.
  • Utilising the free workshops and information provided by Treading Lightly if I/we need assistance.

To join the HFW program, you must hold a Treading Lightly membership. Please join/renewal your membership before joining our Habitat for Wildlife program.

$ 30.00
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Thank you for you interest in joining Habitat for Wildlife

For the purpose of gathering information, would you kindly respond to the following questions?

1. How did you hear about Habitat for Wildlife?
How did you hear about Habitat for Wildlife?
2. What workshops are you interested in attending?
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3. What is your main reason/s for joining this program?
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4. How much previous backyard management experience do you already have?
How much previous backyard management experience do you already have?
5. What is the approximate size of your property?
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Is your property bigger than 5000m² (1/2 ha)? Consider joining the Land for Wildlife program!

6. How would you best describe the composition of your property?

Please enter ALL that apply and specify approximate % area of total block.

7. Do you keep any non-native animals on the property?

If yes, please list type and number below.

NB: You are NOT required to get rid of your pets or animals to be a HFW Member! But we might provide you with suggestions on how to help your pets and animals live in harmony with native wildlife.

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8. Do you currently have any strategies in place to minimise the impact of your animals on wildlife?

If yes, please specify below.

9. How much time on average do you spend in your backyard/outdoor area?
Average time spent in backyard/outoor area
10. How connected do you feel to your outdoor area?

Please provide an indication based on a scale of 1 - 10 where 1 = 'Not at all' and 10 = 'I am in concert with the wild'.

11. Have you observed the following in your backyard?
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Thank you for your responses

As part of the HFW program, you will receive special discounts from selected local retailers. You will need your HFW Membership Card to redeem these discounts.

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Donation Total: $30.00 Yearly